May 31, 2009

Top Ten Technologies

1. Cubic Chips - Enhanced Layer efficiency of Processors

Protein Shakers - Using Protein instead of Magnetic / Optical Media for Storage.

3. Sensor Gloves - A Gloves which adjusts with the Situation like your Shades.

4. Anti-Virus Cluster - An Online Application to monitor your PC round the Clock Remotely.

5. Telescopic Pixels - Future generation of CRT,Plasma and LCD.

6. Sensitive Artificial Listeners -Text - Speech and other voice responses in an emotional way.

7. Wireless Electricity - Electricity through Air.

8. Table Screens -Interactive Table Desk for Education.

9. Wrap Around Computers - Morph technology. More or Less.

10. Ultra Compressed Music Files - Small file with Brilliant Quality.

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