June 2, 2009

What is Torrent - Light Touch Up

Torrent literally means Plenty.
A Single file is received from and send to many users across the internet in small parts of it through a protocol called Bit-TorrentBiT-Torrent is a a new protocol developed by some one dunno who is it.For HTT-Protocol u need A browser.Like that for BitTorrent Protocol u need softwares like uTorrent.You download a file through a entry pass to enter the bit torrent world called torrent file (.torrent extension).That file yields you actual file contacting all the systems connected through that torrent file.


1. Open www.torrentz.com

2. Enter the Movie/application you want in the Search bar and Search.

3. You might get many results. Click the one which has many Seeders/uploaders.

4. After you click the link it will navigate to another page showing different sites that are hosting the file.

5. Select one and navigate.

6. There you will get DOWNLOAD TORRENT. Do it. You will get a small file with .torrent extension.

7. Download uTorrent.

8. Install uTorrent.

9. Open uTorrent and Select File-> Open and select the .torrent file you just download.

10. You will get a Windows Showing the file details. There you can set the download location if you want or leave it default.

11. Press OK and Wait for a while your download will start.

12. After the download is complete, Right click and Select Open Containing Folder, which will lead you to the file.

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