June 6, 2009

Install Windows 7 from USB/External Hardisk

We are not much into installing Windows via a USB Device(we were had no need). Now Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) can be downloaded as an .iso file (A standard disk image format).

If you dont have a DVD Drive(Who uses a DVD Drive Now!!!), dont worry. You are a minute away from knowing how to install Windows without DVD Drive or with USB or what ever it may be( Dont chop my flow).

Before starting make up your BIOS to allow your USB deivce to Boot.


1. Insert you External HDD or USB Drive

2. Right Click MyComputer.

3. Click Manage.

4. Scroll Down and Select Disk Management.

5. Now Extract the Windows .iso file to the Exteernal Drive (Magic ISO, Ultr ISO can do the Job)

(Warning : Dont mount the .iso file in an Emulation Drive and Copy the Contents. That wont work as the boot record wont get Copied)

6. Right Click your USB Device and Select Mark Active Partition.

(Warning : Do this Only if you are going to install atonce you do this step. Else YOur Current Wont boot as the Active Partition is Moved. If you Planned to install later do this step later)

7. Now Reboot the System , the Installation Should Work Fine.

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