June 5, 2009

iPhone 3.0 for this Summer

Apple is Sure about the release of iPhone 3.0 .

Apple is in a big need to release iPhone 3.0 to stay in the market as its competitiors took advantage over the drawbacks in iPhone 2.0.

iPhone 2.0 was quite disappointing , lacking many elementary features like

1. SMS Forwarding.

2. Bluetooth file Transfer

3. Video recording

4. Flash.

5. Replaceable Battery

But now iPhone 3.0 has got the Cut,Copy and Paste. You can do CCP on any text anywhere in iPhone. Also Stereo enabled bluetooth headsets. Bluetooth profile for File Transfers.

However the Video Recording and Flash features are still under investigation. Many Source Say, the iPhone 3.0 has those features and not yey officially announced.

And forget, you can never replaceable your iPhone Battery. Apple is helpless for that :(

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