November 7, 2010

CyanogenMod - Installation with Google Apps

Finally i installed CyanogenMod in my HTC Wildfire. The one thing that was putting me away from CyanogenMod is the lack of HTC Sense. But finally, i convinced myself to get rid of HTC Sense. Now , i can see the HTC only when the phone boots. After that, there is not trace of HTC in my mobile. Cyanogen completely overrides HTC applications and features.

Quick Installation Guide

Am not going to give a step by step instructions. Assuming you have installed a custom ROM before.

  • Store the ROM file(.Zip. Don't do smart work of Extracting it :p) in your SD Card (Sorry! cant give link..Google It!)
  • Reboot in recovery mode.
  • Wipe and Reset Factory Settings (Important , else your Installation will be BUGGY!!!!)
  • Take a nandroid back up(I never do it :p)
  • Install From Zip
  • Reboot the System.
  • Done!!!

Many sources in the Internet say, after the first time installation , booting takes around 5 - 8 minutes. Thats really a false statement. Whether its first time or you are restarting it the 100th time, it takes around 5 mins to boot. So , avoid restarting the phone.

A clean installation of CyanogenMod will have no Google Apps (Including Android market). To install GApps, download the Google Apps Package(Again , pls Google It!)

  • Move the Zip file to the Memory Card (Don't Unzip)
  • Reboot in recovery mode
  • Wipe and Reset Factory Settings (Important!!)
  • Install from Zip
  • Reboot
  • Well Done!

Now your phone is 100% Android. If possible, paste a Android Sticker in your Phone....:p

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October 30, 2010

HTC Wildfire - Wildpuzzle - Buggyyyy

Got a new HTC Wildfire 4 months back. Was ok with the Android Eclair. Just traversed to the web tree and heard about Wildpuzzle. Great. why should not i try it, i thought. it took around half an hour to flash the mobile completely and install Wildpuzzle. The first time , the phone booted , it was jaw dropping. Want to know what made me to drop my jaw....

1. Phone booted just like PC with BIOS options.(really surprise).
2. ClockMod recovery was added for instant backup and recovery
3. UI was fully changed with new icons.
4. Market with access to all Apps
5. New Apps pre-istalled , Dropbox caught my eyes.
6. LIVE WALLPAPER desperately wanted to have in an Android mobile.
7. Extensive and expanded options in Wireless Menu including Portable Wi-Fi
8. Launcher Pro Pre-Installed.
9. Network indicator in the Notification area.

What else is need for a professional user. Put the phone in the pocket and marched towards my office. My hands were itching to explore the new Wildpuzzle. Started getting into the phone. It was jaw dropping again but in a different manner. No one can find this much bugs within 1 hour

1. Home Screen was inconsistent
2. Battery has become low (Contradictory..:( Battery life should be double.
3. Facebook for HTC Sense force close.
4. Facebook contact images looses sharpness
5. Numbers without location code is considered as different number (Big come this can happen)
6. New Webkit browser shows no difference.

There are many bugs to add to the list. but still , worth trying. Soon wildfire will be fed with Froyo....So why wait...Start...

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August 15, 2010

Firefox Android Market Emulator


Listen before. Even am one among you people who is in search of Android Market emulator for a browser(yet to find one).I just recollect the past, i started using the word emulator for WAP websites which will work only in mobiles. Now almost all browsers can open WAP sites. Now its android market.

At first site, i though it is just a normal website.But then realized that the protocol is different. Its market://
Interesting is it not?

None of the browser can understand this protocol. But finally i got a clue that this is similar to irc (Internet relay chat), which bears a protocol irc://. And firefox can open it very well using some extensions like mirc, chatzilla. So , ultimately an extension may come in the (near) future to open android market in firefox. The current emulator for Android provided by google is a bit tedious to work with. Why shall not we have a simple protocol reader to open this special group of website.

I started working on it!. Interested???

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August 14, 2010

HTC Wildfire - Display ,Touch Sensor and Accelerometer

Just went through the online reviews before buying HTC Wildfire to see everyone cursing the display that "Its Pathetic". That is because of the resolution. The screen is large enough(3.2") to show everything, but the resolution is just 320 x 240 pixels. But this is in no way a set back. Just optimize the home screens and other areas as you want ,to bring out the best out of it. I even felt that, the OSK (On Screen keyboard) occupies , half of the screen when text-ing (new word huh! i mean messaging), but now i got used with it and even in many other phones which have higher resolutions the OSK will definitely dominate.

Touch Sensor

The first thing i want to tell is there is no irritating double tap, that we see in mobiles like Nokia 5800.The touch sensor is awesome and some times over sensitive. Whenever i take a snap of something and hand over the device to some one, they touch some part of screen while receiving it and finally they complaint that they see a different screen. The scrolling is damn smooth in all the directions (only standard directions :P) and the touch responsive is very good. The haptic feedback vibration will make you feel like as though you are touching some real object. Most of the selection operations are right intended , so lefties must try be to use their right hand or they will have to work across the screen.

Some people might be struggling around the screen to find some critical options missing like message forward, copy , paste,edit etc. Dont worry , all these menus are available. You need to touch and hold the screen for a second to discover all context menus. This is similar to the right click in the traditional PCs.

The Notification are is another brilliant and vital portion of the screen. You can see the panel sticking to the top of the screen everywhere. It will show alert for New Email , New Messages , Current Song , Open Wifi - Network etc. To open the notification area , just touch the panel and drag it down. You could see a animated banner coming down along with your fingers (really nice.
If you have a big finger you might struggle in the beginning to invoke the menu as it is very thin.

Pinch Zoom

Here comes the multi touch feature of HTC Wildfire. I have seen this pinch zoom in a bit higher end devices like Apple , Nokia N8. The rule is now broken. You can enjoy pinch zooming for just 15K in this mobile. You can zoom any corner of the image with a pinch or just double tap the area, it is zoomed to the fullest. Pinch zoom works in Image gallery, Browser and Home screen. In home screen ,pinching will show all the workspaces as tiles, and you can select the workspace by just a tap over it.


Of course its an old and must be feature of any Touch Mobile. HTC Wildfire is not an exception for it. The accelerometer is used fully in games and you can a find one such game Teeter where you can play the game by holding the phone in any direction.But , it is not the same in the case of image gallery, where the rotation works only in anticlockwise i.e you can see a image in Potrait or Landscape mode. Rotating the phone clockwise will cause no change in the screen. You can bring out the full feature of the AM , by discovering new games.

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August 12, 2010

HTC Wildfire

Back to world of blogging after a long time.Now let me tell about my new HTC Wildfire powered by Android 2.1 Eclair. Five days since i bought my mobile , my left palm lost its view as it is covered by my phone now. Went in to each and every menu to bring out the real facts about HTC.

It might be interesting to say, it was a minute decision to buy HTC Wildfire after waiting for C6 which is going to be released soon (is it?? :p).

If you are already an android user, stop dreaming much about this article as this is for traditional Symbian users(Nokia series 60 mobiles). Because, for people who used Nokia from the day they started using mobiles, HTC is going to give real new experience. The interface is entirely different from the phones that i have seen before(may be for a first time HTC user). The Sleek design , with metal finish is really pleasure have it in our hand.

Enough for now. Next set of article will show you the dissection of HTC Wildfire powered by Android 2.1 Eclair.

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April 27, 2010

BSNL Online rechardge - Headache?

The Image could speak much more than the words that are going to come now. A short report of my transaction in BSNL Recharge/Top up portal. I was topping up my mobile for the past one year through online portal. But till now , of my 14 transactions , just 5 of them hit success. All the other either in "Awaiting status from bank" or "Refund Initiated". But you can still see, the status remained unchanged for the transaction took place in 2009. Am dont know to whom to blame, because BSNL is government owned and the bank i used for the transaction is SBI.

Whom to blame???

Sole condolence for all BSNL Users :(

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April 26, 2010

Smooth Criminal

Even those who hate Michael Jacskson to the core, will beat their legs against the ground to match this song's rhythm. Still wonder how this song has been left unnoticed by south indian music directors :p. First class music, brilliant choreography ofcourse, the favorite Michael Jackson's woo! woo! sounds.

The lyrics is really classic. It can tell you about the song as a story. One of the best ever songs by MJ.

Here goes the Lyrics:

As He Came Into The Window
It Was The Sound Of A Crescendo
He Came Into Her Apartment
He Left The Bloodstains On The Carpet
She Ran Underneath The Table
He Could See She Was Unable
So She Ran Into The Bedroom
She Was Struck Down, It Was Her Doom

Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK
Are You OK, Annie
Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK
Are You OK, Annie
Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK?
Are You OK, Annie?
Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You Ok, Are You Ok, Annie?

Annie Are You OK?
Will You Tell Us That You're OK?
There's A Sign In The Window
That He Struck You - A Crescendo Annie
He Came Into Your Apartment
He Left The Bloodstains On The Carpet
Then You Ran Into The Bedroom
You Were Struck Down
It Was Your Doom

Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK?
Are You OK Annie?
Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK?
Are You OK Annie?
Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK?
Are You OK Annie?
You've Been Hit By
You've Been Hit By -A Smooth Criminal

So They Came Into The Outway
It Was Sunday - What A Black Day
Mouth To Mouth Resus - Citation
Sounding Heartbeats - Intimidation

Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK?
Are You OK Annie?
Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK?
Are You OK Annie?
Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK?
Are You OK Annie?
Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK
Are You OK Annie?

Annie Are You OK?
Will You Tell Us That You're OK?
There's A Sign In The Window
That He Struck You - A Crescendo Annie
He Came Into Your Apartment
He Left The Bloodstains On The Carpet
Then You Ran Into The Bedroom
You Were Struck Down
It Was Your Doom

Annie Are You OK?
So, Annie Are You OK?
Are You OK Annie?
You've Been Hit By
You've Been Struck By - A Smooth Criminal

Cop Voice:
Okay, I Want Everybody To Clear The Area Right Now!

(Annie Are You OK?)
I Don't Know!
(Will You Tell Us, That You're OK?)
I Don't Know!
(There's A Sign In The Window)
I Don't Know!
(That He Struck You - A Crescendo Annie)
I Don't Know!
(He Came Into Your Apartment)
I Don't Know!
(Left Bloodstains On The Carpet)
I Don't Know! Why Baby!
(Then You Ran Into The Bedroom)
I Don't Know!
(You Were Struck Down)
(It Was Your Doom - Annie!)
(Annie Are You OK?)
Dad Gone It - Baby!
(Will You Tell Us, That You're OK?)
Dad Gone It - Baby!
(There's A Sign In The Window)
Dad Gone It - Baby!
(That He Struck You - A Crescendo Annie)
Hoo! Hoo!
(He Came Into Your Apartment)
Dad Gone It!
(Left Bloodstains On The Carpet)
Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!
(Then You Ran Into The Bedroom)
Dad Gone It!
(You Were Struck Down)
(It Was Your Doom-Annie!)

The phrase I Don't Know! is in green.There is something special in the line.The first time i heard the song, i thought it was a girl's voice , probably Annie about whom the song is all. But the third time i recognized , its MJ himself. Awesome voice modulation.

I have been hit by this Criminal, Music Criminal!!!

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April 24, 2010

Creating a game server in Garena

Creating a game server in Garena is not a big task.

  • Download Garena from their website.
  • If you are already a member in garena, then sign in or you can register there for free.
  • After you login, press the Game tab and select the game you would like to play. Let us consider counter strike for an instance.
  • Click counter strike 1.6
  • Now selecting the room is important. Entering a different country's room is not advisable, because when you start a server in an alien country, there is more possibility for the gamers from their country to join your server. Since distance is a big factor, the latency will definitely be high for the players coming to your server. So unnecessarily , you need to bear the name "NOOB SERVER" or "NOOB HOST".
  • So enter your own country room.
  • In the bottom right corner of the garena room window, there will be a huge button called "Start Game", click that to start the game
  • If you have not configured your game executable before, then it will prompt you to enter the same, Update the settings.
  • Now start the game, and inside the game select "New Game" to start a new game. Now your game will be visible for others who join through garena.
  • Enjoy!

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April 21, 2010

10 days national level workshop on PHARMATICS

Hands on job Training in pharmaceuticals informatics

May 10th to May 20th in vysya college salem

Organized by

Department of Biosciences

Vysya college





Topics covered

  • Pharmacoinformatics
  • Drug design
  • Molecular modeling
  • Systembiology
  • Cheminformatics


Under graduates and post graduates from the disciplines of life sciences, research scholar ,faculty members and industrialist are eligible to participate

Workshop fee

The participants are requested to pay the workshop fee of rs 2500 which include Registration fee , workshop kit ( course materials, software package cd, writing accessories ,bags) working lunch and refreshment


The participants should conform registration by paying fee rs 500 through DD in favour of “The principal,vysa college payable at salem “ should be send to the college address with resume & photo

Contact person

R.Duraiswamy M.S.Kumaran

Head od dept of Biotech H R MANAGER

Vysya college Gensilico Biosolutions

Ph 9443892481 Ph 9566068988

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April 11, 2010

Counter Strike Bot Command

Get it in finger tips:



Causes a bot to be added to the game. "bot_add" will add a bot to the team specified by the "bot_join_team" cvar. "bot_add_t" and "bot_add_ct" forces the bot onto the respective teams.

This command takes either the name of a bot, or the keyword "all" - causing all bots in the game to be killed.

This command takes either the name of a bot, or the keyword "all" - causing all bots in the game to be kicked.

These commands are shortcuts that set the bot_allow_* cvars accordingly.

bot_difficulty [0-3]
This cvar determines the difficulty of all newly created bots (existing bots will retain the difficulty setting they were created with). Zero = easy, 1 = normal, 2 = hard, 3 = expert. Difficulty values higher than 3 are reset to 3.

Setting this cvar to a nonzero value will cause the given number of bots to be maintained in the game. If a bot is kicked, a new bot will be added to maintain the quota. To disable the quota, set it to zero.

The given will be prefixed to all subsequently added bot names. This is useful for "clan-tagging" bots.

bot_join_team [ct, t, any]
Determines which team the bots will join.

bot_join_after_player [0,1]
If nonzero, the bots will wait to join the game until at least one human player has joined.

All of the "bot_allow" cvars can be either 0 or 1. If zero, the bots will not buy or use the given category of weapon.

bot_allow_rogues [0,1]
If nonzero, allows bots to occasionally "go rogue". Rogue bots just "run and gun", and will respond to all radio commands with "Negative".


Each of the following bot_nav_ commands operate on the navigation mesh, allowing hand-tuning of the automatically learned data. It is recommended that these commands be bound to keys for ease of use while editing.
CAUTION: There is no "undo" operation. Save your navigation mesh often.

Marks the currently selected nav area for later operations.

Causes one bot in the map to move to the center of the currently marked area. This is useful for testing the walkability of specific portions of the navigation mesh.

Deletes the currently selected nav area.

Splits the currently selected nav area into two new nav areas, along the white split line.

Merges the currently selected nav area and a previously marked nav area into a new, single nav area. The merge will only occur if the two areas are the same size along the merge line.

Creates a ONE WAY link from the currently marked area to the currently selected area, telling the bots they can walk FROM the marked area TO the selected area. For most areas, you will want to connect the areas in both directions. However, for some "jump down" areas, the bots can move one way, but cannot get back the other.

Disconnects ALL connections from the currently marked area to the currently selected area.

These two commands allow the creation of new nav areas. "bot_nav_begin_area" marks one corner of the area. "bot_nav_end_area" marks the opposite corner of the area and creates it. To cancel the operation, issue a "bot_nav_begin_area" command again.

Creates a new nav area between the currently marked area and the currently selected area, and bidirectionally connects the new area. This command is especially useful for creating sloped nav areas.

Flags the currently selected area as "crouch", requiring bots to crouch (duck) to move through it.

Flags the currently selected area as "jump". This is a hint to the bots that they should jump to traverse this area.

bot_nav_edit [0,1]
Setting this cvar to 1 allows hand-tuning of the bot's navigation mesh. Once edit mode has been activated, the bot_nav_* commands can be used.

This value determines how high above the ground to draw the "nav mesh" when in nav edit mode. If the terrain is very irregular or highly sloped, it can be useful to increase this value to 10 or 15. The default value is 4.

bot_quicksave [0,1]
If nonzero, the analysis phase of map learning will be skipped. This is useful when iteratively hand-tuning nav files. Note that withough this analysis, the bots will not look around the world properly.


Analyze the navigation mesh to determine Approach Points and Encounter Spots. This may take several minutes based on the size and complexity of the map.
NOTE: This command requires one bot to be in the game. The recommended procedure is to save the mesh, add a bot, and quickly enter bot_analyze.

Saves the current navigation mesh to disk. The navigation mesh ("nav" file) is automatically named to correspond to the current map file. For instance, if the map is de_dust.bsp, the nav file will be de_dust.nav.

Clears the current navigation mesh, and loads it from disk.


bot_walk [0,1]
Force all bots to walk (disallow running).

bot_stop [0,1]
If nonzero, all bots will stop moving and responding.

bot_show_nav [0,1]
If nonzero, the nav mesh near each bot is drawn.

bot_show_danger [0,1]
If nonzero, the "danger" in each nav area is draw as a vertical line. Blue lines represent danger for CTs, and red lines are danger for Ts.

Used for internal debugging of bot navigation.

Used for internal debugging of bot behavior.


Displays the bot version number, and information about the bot's author.

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Counter Strike Low Latency Server

All Counter Strike freaks in India , shall now enjoy lag free gaming on this new lag free server. The latency is a big problem for Indian gamers especially, people from tamilnadu. Distance is one of the major factor hat sets indian gamers back. What if they have a server running just a few kilometer. here it is. Join this low latency, lag free server any where from the world. A new gadget has been added to this blog to project the server status which is up to date.!

Go now! Go Gaming!
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April 4, 2010

Nokia 5130 - iPhone crusher

iPhone, a status symbol. Even though iPhone lags behind all other phones in features, it should be given double credits for its' audio quality. iPhone would deliver a good piece of audio even in mediocre headphones, such that many testers consider iPhone audio curve as a benchmark to compare the audio quality of other phones.

While testing the mobiles, the comparison of iPhone and an another phone, the another phone does not have any audio curve. The testers then realized that, the audio curve of both iPhone and the other phone matched and appeared together. The phone is none other than Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, the successor of Nokia 5220 XpressMusic. This might sound a little different but its true. Nokia delivers top notch audio quality. The audio playback is 24 hours, says Nokia(through headphones).

If you are a music freak, then why go for a 30K mobile, when you can get the same in just 5K.

Nokia finally substantiates their TM - XpressMusic.

Nokia E63 - A quick review

Nokia E Series , is a series of business class mobiles. These mobile have push mail feature (like in blackberry). So you need not fetch your mail from your regular inbox.

Now coming to E63. This season , i had an idea to buy a mobile. Enough with Nokia 5220 XpressMusic(and its bugs :p) , i thought. Just did a research for around 15 days and planned to get rid of it.

Initially, this mobile was promising. Nokia also promoted this mobile on their website (you can see Nokia E 63 @ 9 only/- in their home page) The features are very much impressive.
But on deep research , it has been reveled that, all features have their critical drawback.

Drawbacks :
  • Small Screen. Just twist Nokia 5220 to landscape mode. That is how the screen will look like.
  • Processing speed is decent, but due to the small screen, documents like PDF take time to adjust to the screen.
  • Full Qwerty Keypad, but the number pads are very small and they are in between alpha-num keys.
  • 2 M Pixel camera, but performance is very bad. No protection for Lens adds additional risk.
  • Worst audio quality ever. Even Korean mobiles will have good audio quality. (Really a Shocker)
  • D-Pad is decent but not handy.
  • Camera and other interface and accessibility are pretty old

Behind all this. this mobile is worth buying for two factors.
1. Call Clarity
2. Wonderful batter back up.

If you look for these two, then what else is needed. Nokia follows GodFather through this mobile.

Purely Business......

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BSNL Speed Increase

This is a real treat for all download freaks (also for lunatics like me). Am in BSNL UL 750 plan. The max speed is 256 kbps (32 kBps). Recently am hitting 50+ kBps speed while downloading. As i was using a download accelerator, i thought its quite natural. But , i was wrong. It got reflected in my torrent download as well (while download ubuntu). Made a quick Google about this and surprised to see people already got in to this thing in forums. Many people , who are in UL 900 plan say they get a speed around 200-200 kBps. Positively, these speeds are not oscillating widely. Between 47-53 kBps which is far ahead of 32 kBps.If this is not by mistake, then its going to be a real fun for all internet users and going to be a real challenge for all BSNL users.

Cross your hands not your fingers this time

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February 28, 2010

How to install dual boot Operating System(OS)

Operating System(OS) is the heart of a computer.The very first software component that has to be installed in a system is the OS. Basic users will have only one OS in their system, obviously Windows. But advanced users like developers, programmers and other techs will have more than one OS running ,to delegate their work. Am not going to talk about either of them. This is all about people who are in the transition between a Basic User and Advance User.

This first time, when you have your Windows CD/DVD(Original OfCourse!! :p) in your left hand and an Ubuntu Linux CD in your right hand, you are exactly in the entrance of a cross road, dont know which path to take.There will be a little fear about your documents because bad installation of a strange operating system might sweep your entire hard disk. Some people will have a regular back up practice, but some people (like me :p) will start looking for a media in their messy desk draw to have a back up, just before they start. Any how, that is entirely up to them.

Now people under transition(PUT, too much to have an abbreviation :p ). All you need to know is , how to install an operating system.Am sure that , every one knows how to install windows.Learn how to install your other operating system(Eg. Linux).If you are not very sure, take a back up of your data. Practice installing it. When you are sure the you can handle the installation process, get started.

Windows :
The first operating system is Windows. It may be XP, Vista, Se7en or any server, it has to be the first operating system. Windows loader is dedicated and unique. It cannot understand the common loaders such as GRUB(Pronounced as G-RUB) loader which most of the operating systems such as Linux, Solaris use.So installing Windows before any operating system will suppress the former OS loader ,keeping windows on top.To be precise, Windows always thinks that, it is the only OS that is and can be in the system.

Linux:(Any Distro)
The next operating system am interested in is Linux. This is the ultimate OS. Wait! I mean this must be the last operating system that you need to have in your system.Linux uses common GRUB (Ok G-RUB) loader as boot loader. The interesting fact is that, GRUB wraps all loaders by preserving the boot configuration. But still , your Linux loader will not boot your non-linux OS directly. It will just invoke the other loaders. So , installing Linux over Windows will not cause any problem.

I did not concentrate on other operating systems. I did not say they are useless(really!!), but they are the variation of existing loaders. If you have any confusion, this simple mathematic formula will make it.

If you have N operating system to install.

The 1st Operating system you need to install is Windows

The Nth Operating system you need to install is Linux.

The space N-1, N-2, N-3 etc can be filled by any OS.Even it can be other Linuxes and other Windows. But still there is another constraint which has to be addressed. Version conflict and compatibility.

  • There are some combination which can never be installed together.
  • There are some combination which will always go for upgrade.
  • There are some combination which always follow the older first and newer next pattern.

This problem happens mainly with windows and other operating systems which have variations like Desktop and Server versions and other core variations.You need to take care of the internal OS conflict.

Am not stopping anyone from doing research by trying a new hierarchy, but this is just a kick started personally tested by me.

Foot Notes:
After reading the above article , you might feel this is a bit contradictory, but this is a fact. Practically there is no rigid hierarchy. You can install any operating system in any order. But your installation needs some manual work to get it work. You will not have a fully ready system after you alter the hierarchy.For example, you can install windows after Linux, but you will not have the boot loader ready to push your system. You need to insert the Ubuntu Cd again and change the boot configuration manually , to get your windows back. If you are happy to do those things you can very will do it.

Nothing is Impossible :|

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February 22, 2010

Recover bad sectors in hard disk

If you did not scratch your hard disk against the wall, floor , or pinch it with sharp needle or any hard materials, i have a solution to recover the bad sectors in your hard disk. The reason for bad sectors can be cold booting, or abrupt restarting during writting in to the hard disk, which is not avoidable especially in india. Dont worry . The solution is very simple.

Apparatus required:
1. Windows XP Cd
2. Nothing else.

1. Insert Windows XP CD in to your CD ROM
2.Restart your PC and boot from CD ROM
3. Let the Setup load and you will see a menu with three options as
  • (Dont care)
  • Press R to repair windows using recovery console(something like that).
  • Exit
4. Press 'r' to select the second option and see the console.
5. Now type DISKPART and press ENTER(Here after i wont repeat the command "Press Enter")
6. You will see your disk partion information (Yes! Exactly like windows 98).
7. Create a partion of size = size of your hard disk. I Know you need an example now.
If your hard disk is 500 GB (Ok! Ok! 470+ GB), then create a single partion of size 500 GB.
8. After creating, get back to the console.
9. Now run CHKDSK. This will scan your entire hard disk and fix all your bad sectors and make it usable again.
10. Bingo! Your HDD is back again. Now delete the bulk partition and create small partition as your wish.

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February 7, 2010

Yahoo top contributor

This is really glad. This week, i was awarded the Top Contributor status in Yahoo answers. I expected this some time later but it has come very soon. Getting best answers is like a piece of cake if you follow right procedure.

I already made a clear cut idea about making best answers in Yahoo Answers. I think that would suffice. I have some more tricks but i would reveal it later. The other way that i found will really make you to get best answers effectively. But still , am not refraining from the path "Quality of Answers". It is always important. There are people who report abuse for no reasons and am sure they have multiple accounts (like us ...:p).

So keep going. Get on top of yahoo answers.

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January 31, 2010

Confirmation email from 000Webs

Free Website Hosting

The common problem over the internet. You register for free web hosting at 000webs. And you wait for the confirmation email from them to start with your website. But you did not see any response for months and even years in my case. The ultimate reason is, 000webs silently rejects applications from countries like India and other country. The support person says, they face big problem from users from such countries. They do not want to hurt the customers and at the same time, they do not want to get in to trouble. So at the time of registration, they track your IP and locate you country. By the end of registration, you will get a message "Pending Approval".Actually that is a false message from 000webs. There is such workflow called "Approval" in 000webs. You can log in to your account right away after you complete the registration.

Now the bottle neck is your country. The only way to override your country is , using a proxy. Try some online proxy, preferably US and proceed with the registration. You will find your way to Control Panel at once.

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January 30, 2010

Yahoo sends Gmail to Spam folder

Shocker again.!!!

I forgot one of my yahoo email ids. I managed to just recollect the username, but i was not much sure with the extension whether it is or So i logged in to my G account and sent a mail to both the domains. Gmail showed mailer demon for one of the domain extensions. i.e So , the email id must be a .com. I logged into my Yahoo account just check the mail which is sent from Gmail (ofcourse there is no big reason). I did not find any mails from my gmail id.As usual , my spam folder was flooded with 600+ emails. Why should i have a glance at the SPAM folder before deleting it, I thought. So clicked the SPAM link. OMG!!!! The mail is in Spam folder. Am very sure that, these two email Ids never talked to each other and i never marked SPAM for that ID.

What actually Happened?

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January 23, 2010

Blogger custom search gadget

My first version of blogger custom search engine. I used simple HTML and javascript. As this is the first version, i did not use any complex scripting.


  • Go to
  • Layout -> Add a gadget
  • Select HTML/Javascript
  • Paste the code and save it.



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How to get best answers easily in yahoo answers

Quick way to get Best Answers:

Watching your Answers:

Before reading this, please understand. Am not going to tell any shortcut or a illegitimate way to get best answers soon. Am just underlining the important fact that everyone has a big probability to forget. Am talking out voting.Yahoo answers has a funny visible black hole. Its nothing but, you can vote for your own answers.Statistics says, most of the best answers are selected by voting. As the asker spends less time selecting the best answer. So if you answer a question in yahoo answer, be sure to watch the question frequently. Many answers win best answer award with just one vote.But the single vote worth ten points. Its not only important to answer a question sincerely. If your answer deserves best answer award you will get it. If not, its not a sin to push it.

Question Selection:

Question selection is an important thing. There are two ways of using Yahoo answers.
1. Driving traffic to your website
2. Increase Yahoo answers points.

If you want to drive traffic to your website, you have to select a good question, for which your site can answer. So that you can spray a link on your answer.Most of the times, website deal with most common things. So the possibility to get best answer is a bit low. Unless you have a very good piece of info in the link you give, you wont get best answer. But still , one of ten will visit your website. But this section is not an exception. Even very famous questions are left un-noticed. If you have your answer in the question, vote for your answer. Remember , every vote is worthy.

Increasing yahoo answer points means getting more best answers. For this, you need to select a very dry question , or a question which no one likes to answer. You can see many questions with just one answer for months. If you answer those questions, the asker has to select a best answer. So you will get it 90%. The 10% is when he selects No Best Answer. If in case, the asker loses interest in the question, you can vote yourself, this time its 100% yours.

My Best Answers:

I got 75 best answers, I did not do anything illegal , no fraud. I just voted best answers for the questions that i answered which were under voting for months.

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January 20, 2010

ATI Radeon HD 5970

AMD is back. This is not just an high end but a gigantic end graphics card. The features are really jaw dropping. A complete gaming rig should have this GPU running. The hardware configuration is

  • 512-bit bus
  • Core Clock 725 MHz
  • Memory Clock 1000 Mhz
  • Memory 1 GB DDR5 (OMG!!!!)
  • 6-8 Pin Connection configuration

The notable feature is, it is not very much big and bulky like nVidia 8800 which accommodates a full cabinet. This ATI Radeon 5970 is very slim as it would look like a lower end graphics card.Heating is a problem, as it could not keep itself very cool with it's single fan cooling system. This fan is not sufficient enough to suppress the heating effect, as it is a closed design card. The performance is better than other dual GPU nVidia cards.

Now harden you heart. The cost of this worthy card is Rs.42,000. The price substantiates it's DirectX 11 compatibility ,though they are no DirectX 11 compatible games available now.

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HTC Touch 2 Review

HTC Touch 2, an impressive mobile with a gun metal finish on a plastic design, makes it look more elegant and stylish. For people who worry about WindowsMo 6.5 can feel a bit relieved.The TouchFLO UI argumentation will make you to forget everything. The phone is faster than other HTC mobiles and with easy click and go shortcuts. But again, a windows mobile. The arrangement of GUI compenents are not up to the mark. So you need some time to get accustomed with it.

The tough screen looks very attractive, but it is not responsive to even hard fingers. The keys around the screen also carry a little work. Camera is mediocre and light adjustment is a problem again(Forget night shootings).

There are loads of applications like facebook, Youtube and other media sharing applications. An inbuilt GPS might pull some eyes.

The price in India is around Rs.24,500 (Breath taking....)

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January 16, 2010

Blackberry 8520 Curve

The stunning new Blackberry 8520 curve hits the market. The features are amazing. A typical blackberry of course.Very slim, attractive and a simplified design.

  • This latest blackberry model, comes with dedicated music keys like in XpressMusic (am not comparing !!!) with play, skip, rewind etc.So you are not away from your favorite music with this curve in hand.
  • The trackpad feature gives you the feeling of a Laptop to scroll and play around the menu. Really cool.
  • Share your music, videos, photos and other multimedia contents instantly with the Share Media feature.
  • Additionally, Apple computer support has been given.So synchronizing and merging contacts with your Mac system is just a piece of cake.
All these facilities will not come cheap. It costs around 14000 INR. Prices are subjected to fluctuate, especially in India.

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Blackberry - A kind of status symbol. With all essential features, blackberry possess an exclusive PUSH EMAIL feature. Push email is similar to an always on Internet connection. The mail server is always on. So when you get a mail, it is shown in at once.Unlike other services, i which all mails go to the corresponding inbox and from there the email is fetched by the service provider and displayed in the phone.

Blackberry supported mobiles are costly and they deserve it for their extensive features. Initially only a few service providers provided blackberry service. But now a days, companies like BSNL , Vodafone and Airtel too provide blackberry services. The service is also a bit costly.

Blackberry mobiles are best suitable for business people, who can spend time, starting up a PC or Laptop, open a browser and login to their mail account.Apart from this, the phones behaves as other normal multimedia phones.

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Man in the Mirror

I'm Gonna Make A Change,
For Once In My Life
It's Gonna Feel Real Good,
Gonna Make A Difference
Gonna Make It Right . . .

As I, Turn Up The Collar On My
Favorite Winter Coat
This Wind Is Blowing' My Mind
I See The Kids In The Street,
With Not Enough To Eat
Who Am I, To Be Blind?
Pretending Not To See
Their Needs
A Summer's Disregard,
A Broken Bottle Top
And A One Man's Soul
They Follow Each Other On
The Wind Ya' Know
'Cause They Got Nowhere
To Go
That's Why I Want You To

I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
(If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place)
Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change
(Take A Look At Yourself, And
Then Make A Change)
(Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na,
Na Nah)

I've Been A Victim Of A Selfish
Kind Of Love
It's Time That I Realize
That There Are Some With No
Home, Not A Nickel To Loan
Could It Be Really Me,
Pretending That They're Not

A Willow Deeply Scarred,
Somebody's Broken Heart
And A Washed-Out Dream
(Washed-Out Dream)
They Follow The Pattern Of
The Wind, Ya' See
Cause They Got No Place
To Be
That's Why I'm Starting With
(Starting With Me!)

I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways
And No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
(If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place)
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change
(Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change)

I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror
I'm Asking Him To Change His
And No Message Could've
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make That . . .
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make That

I'm Starting With The Man In
The Mirror,
Man In The Mirror-Oh
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways
(Better Change!)
No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make The Change
You Gotta Get It Right, While
You Got The Time
'Cause When You Close Your
You Can't Close Your . . .Your
(Then You Close Your . . .
That Man, That Man, That
Man, That Man
With That Man In The Mirror
(Man In The Mirror, Oh Yeah!)
That Man, That Man, That Man
I'm Asking Him To Change
His Ways
(Better Change!)
You Know . . .That Man
No Message Could Have
Been Any Clearer
If You Wanna Make The World
A Better Place
(If You Wanna Make The
World A Better Place)
Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change
(Take A Look At Yourself And
Then Make A Change)
Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!
Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na,
Na Nah
(Oh Yeah!)
Gonna Feel Real Good Now!
Yeah Yeah! Yeah Yeah!
Yeah Yeah!
Na Na Na, Na Na Na, Na Na,
Na Nah
(Ooooh . . .)
Oh No, No No . . .
I'm Gonna Make A Change
It's Gonna Feel Real Good!
Come On!
(Change . . .)
Just Lift Yourself
You Know
You've Got To Stop It.
(Yeah!-Make That Change!)
I've Got To Make That Change,
(Man In The Mirror)
You Got To
You Got To Not Let Yourself . . .
Brother . . .
(Yeah!-Make That Change!)
You Know-I've Got To Get
That Man, That Man . . .
(Man In The Mirror)
You've Got To
You've Got To Move! Come
On! Come On!
You Got To . . .
Stand Up! Stand Up!
Stand Up!
(Yeah-Make That Change)
Stand Up And Lift
Yourself, Now!
(Man In The Mirror)
(Yeah-Make That Change)
Gonna Make That Change . . .
Come On!
(Man In The Mirror)
You Know It!
You Know It!
You Know It!
You Know . . .
Change . . .
Make That Change.

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Zune HD Review

Zune HD , an apparent competition for Apple iPhone from Microsoft.A sturdy, royal looking phone with touch. The phone is absolutely slim. The rear body is made of standard aluminum and the front body is made of up touchy plastic. The most notable feature of this mobile is, the 3.5 inch OLED screen. The screen is pretty much big and gives a good space for videos. The videos are really crispy,no lag and the videos does not pixelate.Usually OLED display screens are mediocre and the performance is not much appreciated. But this phone is really a feast to eyes.

The mobile runs a high end hardware which includes nVidia Tegra solution.Therefore it is not going to be the usual Windows mobile which takes huge time to start, sometimes. Audio clarity is very decent and the headphones are really funky and the head pieces are bit large to be plugged as such.There are mainly three buttons.

  • Power button
  • Central control button
  • Button3

Power button is situated in the top and the central control button acts as central phone control. The third button , i just call it Button3 as i cannot find a suitable name for it. The ultimate use of the button is, while playing music or video, pressing the button invokes a menu giving options to change volume and change track. Unfortunately there is no music keys on the sides as Nokia XpressMusic series.And in one way, the button can be called as a drawback.

The touch activity is changed a bit, includes swiping(scrolling horizontally). The interface would be confusing at the first and you need some time to get used with it. Once you are with it, then it will be a real fun using the mobile. The interface is an exception to all normal touch screen.

Sadly , the phone is not available in India. Lets wait for this attractive mobile.

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January 14, 2010

Maven configuration is not valid

Common problem for all maven users.
Configuration is not valid '/home/roharme/Addition/addition/mda/src/main/config/andromda.xml

If you are using Linux such as UBUNTU, this problem is common. In windows, this never happens as windows follows drive letter format. So the location of file is always definite.But in ubuntu, there is no drive letter. It follows the hierarchy of home -> [user] folder structure.This convention appears ambiguous to maven while replacing the location string in pom.xml file. The solution for the problem is

1. Locate the file [project]/mda/pom.xml
2. Open the pom.xml file
3. Find the line

4. Replace the string

${} by

5. Save the file.
6. Now proceed with mvn install. It should work fine.

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January 9, 2010

Promote your website with your email ID

Am going to tell you a new way of promoting your website through your email ID. I dont know how many of you noticed this in gmail. Gmail is always ambiguous. In the beginning , Yahoo does not support dot in the username. Only gmail allowed users to create email ids with a dot in it like Now you can create such ids in yahoo , as they now support dots.But they are too late. GMAIL has gone a little deeper. Now you can create a gmail ID with more than one dots. This is normal for some people. But think if you have a website running, you can create an gmail ID with the same name as your website like

This acts as an advertisement. If you use this id in your transaction, atleast one among the ten will check your website driving you some traffic.

How is it??

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January 1, 2010

Create Watermark with Photoshop

Watermarking is a way of making any content , propertied. Mostly images are watermarked with the company name , website name etc. There is a special way of watermarking an image. There is no point of making a watermark in the corner of an image. It can cropped with just a image editing tool. The watermark must exactly slide into the main part of the image. At the same time, watermarks should not block or make the image appear bad. This can be achieved by the transparency factor.

With Adobe(TM) photoshop, you can achieve it like a piece of cake.


Text watermarking:

Open Adobe Photoshop
Open the image to be watermarked.
Click the text icon in the Toolbar to select the Text Editing tool.
Now click on the image at a desired place. The cursor will blink prompting you to edit text.Type some text.
Adjust the font face , size and other factors if required.
Now the text might be hiding the image.

Right click the Text Layer in the Layer Pane (Right Corner) and select Blending Options.
In the menu that appears, slide the Opacity slider towards left so that your text becomes transparent.
If you are satisfied with the opacity level, click OK to apply the effect.

Export the image are PNG to retain the transparent background if any.

Image Watermarking:
  • Open the image to be watermarked.
  • Open the watermark image (to be applied as a watermark).
  • Press the restore button in the top right corner, So that you can see both the images in tiled windows.
  • Click on the watermark image and drag it to the other image(in which you want to apply the watermark).Now your watermark should be above the other image in a new layer.
  • Now apply the same procedure what you followed for text watermarking.

Now your copyrighted image is ready

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Nokia N900

I would call this as my dream mobile. I liked this atonce i saw it. Tremendous design. Nokia N900 has been releases in August 2010. An expensive , worth buying mobile. Before going in to the specifications, the appearance itself it provoking.High quality frame which is not fingerprint prone. Extra widescreen display and controls with tactile full qwerty keyboard. The way the mobile has been designed is really excellent. Its is not just a smartphone but a kind of mobile computer. But again, it is much expensive , costs around 650 USD.

Coming to the specifications. N900 is blessed with plenty of features apart from features of a normal phone. The Clarity of objects on the screen is excellent. Nokia N900 runs in Maemo version 5 Linux environment. So Nokia promises, that it wont be the same sluggish symbian mobile.Some features which caught my eyes.

  • 800 × 480 pixel resolution
  • Integrated GPS with A-GPS
  • TI OMAP 3430: ARM Cortex-A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX with OpenGL ES 2.0 support
  • Adobe Flash™ 9.4 support
  • 5 megapixel camera (2584 × 1938 pixels)
  • TV out (PAL/NTSC) with Nokia Video Connectivity Cable (CA-75U, included in box) or WLAN/UPnP
  • Wide aspect ratio 16:9 (WVGA)

Nothing in the world is perfect. There are some disadvantages in this phone too ,including missing features. This might sound bad but the truth is that, Nokia N900 has no MMS facility. Despite, people do not prefer MMS nowadays, still it is a must come feature of a multimedia phone. The audio clarity is pretty decent but it wont deserve the rating EXCELLENT.

Overall - An expensive phone with extensive feature.

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