August 15, 2010

Firefox Android Market Emulator


Listen before. Even am one among you people who is in search of Android Market emulator for a browser(yet to find one).I just recollect the past, i started using the word emulator for WAP websites which will work only in mobiles. Now almost all browsers can open WAP sites. Now its android market.

At first site, i though it is just a normal website.But then realized that the protocol is different. Its market://
Interesting is it not?

None of the browser can understand this protocol. But finally i got a clue that this is similar to irc (Internet relay chat), which bears a protocol irc://. And firefox can open it very well using some extensions like mirc, chatzilla. So , ultimately an extension may come in the (near) future to open android market in firefox. The current emulator for Android provided by google is a bit tedious to work with. Why shall not we have a simple protocol reader to open this special group of website.

I started working on it!. Interested???

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SAM said...

I can think of one usefull application , ability to download apk to desktop .
but u have any other uses in mind ??