January 16, 2010


Blackberry - A kind of status symbol. With all essential features, blackberry possess an exclusive PUSH EMAIL feature. Push email is similar to an always on Internet connection. The mail server is always on. So when you get a mail, it is shown in at once.Unlike other services, i which all mails go to the corresponding inbox and from there the email is fetched by the service provider and displayed in the phone.

Blackberry supported mobiles are costly and they deserve it for their extensive features. Initially only a few service providers provided blackberry service. But now a days, companies like BSNL , Vodafone and Airtel too provide blackberry services. The service is also a bit costly.

Blackberry mobiles are best suitable for business people, who can spend time, starting up a PC or Laptop, open a browser and login to their mail account.Apart from this, the phones behaves as other normal multimedia phones.

Infected with Harish Syndrome

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