January 30, 2010

Yahoo sends Gmail to Spam folder

Shocker again.!!!

I forgot one of my yahoo email ids. I managed to just recollect the username, but i was not much sure with the extension whether it is yahoo.com or yahoo.co.in. So i logged in to my G account and sent a mail to both the domains. Gmail showed mailer demon for one of the domain extensions. i.e co.in. So , the email id must be a .com. I logged into my Yahoo account just check the mail which is sent from Gmail (ofcourse there is no big reason). I did not find any mails from my gmail id.As usual , my spam folder was flooded with 600+ emails. Why should i have a glance at the SPAM folder before deleting it, I thought. So clicked the SPAM link. OMG!!!! The mail is in Spam folder. Am very sure that, these two email Ids never talked to each other and i never marked SPAM for that ID.

What actually Happened?

Infected with Harish Syndrome

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