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HTC Wildfire - Wildpuzzle - Buggyyyy

Got a new HTC Wildfire 4 months back. Was ok with the Android Eclair. Just traversed to the web tree and heard about Wildpuzzle. Great. why should not i try it, i thought. it took around half an hour to flash the mobile completely and install Wildpuzzle. The first time , the phone booted , it was jaw dropping. Want to know what made me to drop my jaw....

1. Phone booted just like PC with BIOS options.(really surprise).
2. ClockMod recovery was added for instant backup and recovery
3. UI was fully changed with new icons.
4. Market with access to all Apps
5. New Apps pre-istalled , Dropbox caught my eyes.
6. LIVE WALLPAPER desperately wanted to have in an Android mobile.
7. Extensive and expanded options in Wireless Menu including Portable Wi-Fi
8. Launcher Pro Pre-Installed.
9. Network indicator in the Notification area.

What else is need for a professional user. Put the phone in the pocket and marched towards my office. My hands were itching to explore the new Wildpuzzle. Started getting into the phone. It was jaw dropping again but in a different manner. No one can find this much bugs within 1 hour

1. Home Screen was inconsistent
2. Battery has become low (Contradictory..:( Battery life should be double.
3. Facebook for HTC Sense force close.
4. Facebook contact images looses sharpness
5. Numbers without location code is considered as different number (Big come this can happen)
6. New Webkit browser shows no difference.

There are many bugs to add to the list. but still , worth trying. Soon wildfire will be fed with Froyo....So why wait...Start...

Infected with Harish Syndrome


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