February 6, 2011

Counter Strike - AK 47 Guide

I have seen many people looking for AK 47 guide. AK 47 is a deadly weapon in counter strike. At the same time, it is not easy to handle it. I would say, you can partition counter strike weapons in to three types.

1. Snipers.
2. AK 47
3. Other Guns.

Because, the handling is really tricky. That is why i call AK 47 ,a pro's gun(Pro = Professional).But beginners, do not worry.This guide will make yourself accustomed with the gun.

Ok. Lets start.

Before starting, set your mind with the following phrase.
"Nothing changes over night. Practice makes perfect".
If you are playing CS for the first time. Right away start playing with AK 47 else do atleast after seeing this article.

Level1 :
As said earlier ,firing with AK 47 is a bit tricky.But beginners, do not try to concentrate too much in the beginning itself. Use the gun very normally. Get used with the recoil rate of the weapon. AK 47 recoils very much higher than other weapons. At first , this will be irritating and tend you to lose interest in AK 47. Some times, you cant even kill enemies in very close range as the bullets spread in a circular fashion around the enemy leaving no bullet hitting him. When you try to spray on two or more enemies together, the bullets hit none.

Lesson : The last sentences will make you to understand that, AK 47 is not good for spraying. Continuous firing makes the gun useless.

Now the terminology "Continuous firing is ruled out. So you need to select one of the following ways.

1. Three bullet Firing (Level 2)
2. Single bullet Firing (Level 3)

Level 2 | Three bullet firing:

This method is a short cut method. You need not have to make too much effort. But still you need to practice.

The procedure is, you must first in three bullets sets i.e. you must hold the trigger(mouse click) till three bullet are fired. First try to have control over the number of bullets fired. Remember , it is exactly three not two or four. Once you feel that you got the three bullet sequence, concentrated on the aiming spot. The aiming spot should be the earlier half of the stomach. Aim the spot, fire three bullets.
  • The first bullet hits the stomach
  • The second hits the chest.
  • The third bullet hits the head.
The reason why am insisting on the number "three" is, if you fire two bullets, the head spot is not reached. So you just drain some drops of your enemy's blood. But placing a bullet in the chest is equally fatal. If you fire four bullets, the fourth bullets deviates much away from the enemy's body due to high recoil rate. So you get "a bullet delay" for your second three bullet sequence.

You can get the flow at once. Practice this method until your hand gets full control. This is second level of mastering AK47. Many players are well settled with this three bullet sequence of firing and they are contained with this. But i recommend all gamers to elevate to the next level. The one bullet firing.

Level 3 | One bullet Firing:

The one bullet attacking is the third level and the expert level of handling. The description is simple. Single bullet, must hit the enemy's body preferably head. The thumb rule of Counter Strike is

Head shot is always lethal

To master this skill, you must unlearn the Level 2 procedure. You must hold the trigger long enough to fire one single bullet. That implicitly says , you should not hold the trigger. Just a click. At first this will be quite difficult to do. Especially, when you used a sub machine gun (SMG) in the previous round.Your finger will have a little dominance over the trigger. But , try to control. Fire one bullet. Give a brief pause, then fire the next bullet. By doing this, you are negotiating the recoil factor of the weapon.

When you fire only one bullet, it definitely hits the aiming spot. Slowly decrease the pause time such that you must achieve the firing velocity like continuous firing. You can witness professional counter strike players will be very rapid in firing. The way they shoot will look like continuous spraying but they wont.They make sure that, all bullets hit the enemy. But still , they always aim the head.Because, a half an hour tussle can be avoid by a headshot.

Overall, if you are comfortable with AK 47, then you can handle any Counter Strike weapon.

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