May 22, 2011

Prepare against inflation

Inflation seems to be inevitable and the one major reason for this is because of the increase in demand and the fall in supply. This will surely cause a steep in raise in price. Food inflation is a big worry and in the near future we will have a hard time due to this. The only solution for this is dried food which is affordable and yummy even after being stored. This is where technology comes for the rescue. Freeze-Dried foods guarantee us food even during the times of crisis. Just to give an idea about the price inflation, a loaf of bread cost $1.69.

Friends I guess you need to stock bulk amount of food so that when the time of inflation becomes much more than the current trend you will have food for yourself and for your kids. It is high time to become shrewd enough and to plan for the future with freeze dried food .

May 14, 2011

Slimmest external hard-disk by Seagate

Seagate launches a external hard-disk which is slimmer than its last edition release. The percentage of reduction in size when compared to the last time is 38 %. GoFlex Slim drive is 320 GB storage capacity. The price of this is Rs 4500 with three years warranty. The technology has made it possible to reduce the size of the HDD but we see an increase in storage capacity which has gone to 320 GB.

The GoFlex family are again proving that they are the leaders when it comes to technology innovations. The hard-drive is designed such a way it is compared to the thickness of a pencil. It is USB 3.0 type with plug and play type.

Technology and music are like bread and butter

Technology has helped as to go a long way and its rise over the last two to three decades is just unbelievable. Technology has made its mark in all fields right from medicine to entertainment field. When it comes to entertainment the use of technology in sports is a prime example. Technology has also made its mark in the other entertainment field that is the musical field. There is a proverb which says “If cap fits then wear it”. That is exactly how technology has fit in to each and every field. Well this is what they call technology innovation and technological advancement.

Let’s have a closer look at how technology has come a long way in the field of music with a small citation. People when they sing in live concerts find it very difficult to make their mark felt with the originality of the song. Hence people started using backing tracks to give the feel for the song. These small tweaks create a great feel and life to the song when performed live.

February 6, 2011

Tips to build a Complete Gaming System

I have seen many people asking me to assemble a complete gaming system. A complete gaming system or ultimate gaming rig does not refer a standard set of processors, motherboards etc. It changes as the generation changes. Making a fully game oriented system is an art. You need some critical knowledge before selecting the computer peripherals.

Before building a system(of any type), one should understand the fact that not all costly hardwares are the best and not all cheap hardwares are worst.Building a gaming system is not just putting all high end products together and ending up with a huge budget. In most cases, the performance of one component depends on the other. Thats why , experts will test a hardware with all supported combinations and infer the difference.

It is not possible for a common man to do all kinds of tests . But he can have a quick glance over the observations , reviews over the Internet.There are many websites which review hardwares intensively. Even they suggest or share their test experience with the list of components they used to. If they say something good about the performance, then there is the clue.The combination works well and can be considered.

The most important thing that has to consider is the Motherboard.Buying a very high end processor and graphics card but running it in a low level motherboard posts a high risk for both the processor and graphics card. The motherboard should be strong enough to handle even power fluctuations also.

So Think wise and make a better selection.

Infected with Harish Syndrome

Counter Strike - AK 47 Guide

I have seen many people looking for AK 47 guide. AK 47 is a deadly weapon in counter strike. At the same time, it is not easy to handle it. I would say, you can partition counter strike weapons in to three types.

1. Snipers.
2. AK 47
3. Other Guns.

Because, the handling is really tricky. That is why i call AK 47 ,a pro's gun(Pro = Professional).But beginners, do not worry.This guide will make yourself accustomed with the gun.

Ok. Lets start.

Before starting, set your mind with the following phrase.
"Nothing changes over night. Practice makes perfect".
If you are playing CS for the first time. Right away start playing with AK 47 else do atleast after seeing this article.

Level1 :
As said earlier ,firing with AK 47 is a bit tricky.But beginners, do not try to concentrate too much in the beginning itself. Use the gun very normally. Get used with the recoil rate of the weapon. AK 47 recoils very much higher than other weapons. At first , this will be irritating and tend you to lose interest in AK 47. Some times, you cant even kill enemies in very close range as the bullets spread in a circular fashion around the enemy leaving no bullet hitting him. When you try to spray on two or more enemies together, the bullets hit none.

Lesson : The last sentences will make you to understand that, AK 47 is not good for spraying. Continuous firing makes the gun useless.

Now the terminology "Continuous firing is ruled out. So you need to select one of the following ways.

1. Three bullet Firing (Level 2)
2. Single bullet Firing (Level 3)

Level 2 | Three bullet firing:

This method is a short cut method. You need not have to make too much effort. But still you need to practice.

The procedure is, you must first in three bullets sets i.e. you must hold the trigger(mouse click) till three bullet are fired. First try to have control over the number of bullets fired. Remember , it is exactly three not two or four. Once you feel that you got the three bullet sequence, concentrated on the aiming spot. The aiming spot should be the earlier half of the stomach. Aim the spot, fire three bullets.
  • The first bullet hits the stomach
  • The second hits the chest.
  • The third bullet hits the head.
The reason why am insisting on the number "three" is, if you fire two bullets, the head spot is not reached. So you just drain some drops of your enemy's blood. But placing a bullet in the chest is equally fatal. If you fire four bullets, the fourth bullets deviates much away from the enemy's body due to high recoil rate. So you get "a bullet delay" for your second three bullet sequence.

You can get the flow at once. Practice this method until your hand gets full control. This is second level of mastering AK47. Many players are well settled with this three bullet sequence of firing and they are contained with this. But i recommend all gamers to elevate to the next level. The one bullet firing.

Level 3 | One bullet Firing:

The one bullet attacking is the third level and the expert level of handling. The description is simple. Single bullet, must hit the enemy's body preferably head. The thumb rule of Counter Strike is

Head shot is always lethal

To master this skill, you must unlearn the Level 2 procedure. You must hold the trigger long enough to fire one single bullet. That implicitly says , you should not hold the trigger. Just a click. At first this will be quite difficult to do. Especially, when you used a sub machine gun (SMG) in the previous round.Your finger will have a little dominance over the trigger. But , try to control. Fire one bullet. Give a brief pause, then fire the next bullet. By doing this, you are negotiating the recoil factor of the weapon.

When you fire only one bullet, it definitely hits the aiming spot. Slowly decrease the pause time such that you must achieve the firing velocity like continuous firing. You can witness professional counter strike players will be very rapid in firing. The way they shoot will look like continuous spraying but they wont.They make sure that, all bullets hit the enemy. But still , they always aim the head.Because, a half an hour tussle can be avoid by a headshot.

Overall, if you are comfortable with AK 47, then you can handle any Counter Strike weapon.

Infected with Harish Syndrome

$200$ - A best map to practice counter strike

I dont know how many know about this map, $2000$. Three cheers to the one who created the map. You can either say this a fullish map, or an Aim Map or a fight yard. A good map for any one to start with.

Some salient features:

Long shots:
Any gamer who will get tamed in long shots , if he plays this map. The map is not that much big and long but the distant end is the point where all weapon recoil.

Close Combat:
Since the map is very small, there is a great opportunity to practice close combats , also you can tackle sudden attacks as you dont know through which way your enemy comes.

You are in no way away from sniper. You got two snipers per team. Once again a treat for sniper pros.

Gun variety
M4A1 is no longer a propertied weapon of CTs in this map.Like wise Ak47 for Ts. Any one can take any gun. In addition to that, there are bull pups, SMG and shot guns. What else is needed.

Awesome spamming spots. If you ask me, you can start spamming right from the spawn. As the area is very close. Also spamming increases you instinct to guess the enemies' location.

Two rows of grenades on either side. If you get bored with guns, start with grenades. You can see at least one hit your opponent.

Infected with Harish Syndrome

Increase level in garena easily

Increase level in garena easily

Posted by Harish Syndrome

The only way to increase level in Garena is to keep on play day and night. This is what everyone think about at first sight. If you just back track, you can infer that, if you are playing through out , the game must be running through out. Now you got a clue. But wait, just opening the game through garena is not enough. You must be in a network of other players. You cannot join a game in garena and just sit back as other players will kick you from the server. Dont worry , here comes a handy way.

Lets take counter strike for example. Create a game server in it through HLDS. It wont eat too much memory. Now you are connected to garena's network. Dont least bother about players. Even if they join or your server is empty, your Garena level will increase. You can continue your other works.

Try it! It works.
Statutory Warning: Dont feel guilty . There is nothing illegal in this. You are just creating a server. Whether players join your server or not is not your mistake.

Infected with Harish Syndrome