December 6, 2009

Nokia 5800 - Price Slashed

I dont know whether this is a news that has to be celebrated or to be left unnoticed. Nokia 5800 is/was the first touch screen mobile from Nokia. The phone is entirely dependent on the Screen with just around three keys in the key pad to support.

I still remember the price when it was newly launched. It was nearly Rs.22000. Within a month , the rates have come down, varying from Rs.18,000 - Rs.20,000. Still it was under costly mobiles category. Accidentally i visited univercell website. Shocking!!!. The cost of the Nokia's first touch mobile is just Rs.12.,500.

This price variation raises two questions.

1.Is Nokia 5800 is full of bugs and drawbacks?
2. Did Nokia 5800 reached people big time?

Anyway. Those who dreamed of buying a symbian touch mobile can now make their dream true.

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